Jamie Oliver’s Friday Night Feast and black pudding

Sometimes life takes you by surprise so much so that you cannot contain yourself with excitement.

I was invited again to take part on the filming of Jamie Oliver’s  “Friday Night Feast .

This time the filming took place at Southend on Sea at the seaside an hour away from London.

I woke up early in the morning setting off before sunrise happy as Larry. I was indeed bursting with excitement!

When I arrived it was sunny and the sea looked beautiful so whilst I was waiting I went for a brief walk on the beach front.


In the meanwhile the film crew was getting ready to film right on the beach.


Filming for Friday Night Feast

This episode was about reviving black pudding, a type of blood sausage commonly eaten in the UK and other parts of Europe and usually containing pork fat, pork blood and a good proportion of oatmeal. These days people have gone off the idea of eating blood, it is considered odd, almost like a tabu even if they love eating meat.

In Italy you can find “Sanguinaccio” which is a sweet blood pudding made from pork blood and chocolate. You can also find a savoury version the recipes often varying from region to region. Generally speaking it is a sausage with pig’s blood added to it.

Black Pudding

There were a few British artisans showing us their produce and making up different recipes using black pudding.

Artisans cooking black pudding

We were served black pudding rolled in artisan ham with green apple. Barbecued it made a fab yummy nibble.

Cured ham with black pudding and apple

Black pudding, onion and spices can be made into balls, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to turn it into another delicious nibble. It is so versatile!

Balls with black pudding

At this time of year you can find lots of green cooking apples in England. They grow wild and they are delicious added to pies and tarts. I loved how they paired it to black pudding.

Green apples

Artisans making black pudding

Black pudding is being looked down on these days. In our fast-supermarket-commercially driven society people are squeamish about blood.

I guess blood was safer years ago. These days with intensive farming and antibiotics you are not sure of what you are buying anymore. That’s why I love artisan food where you know where the animals come from and you can be certain that they have a certain welfare.

If you are a meat eater there is nothing wrong with making good use of the blood too.

Fresh blood is the main ingredient of black pudding. My grandmother always kept the blood of her chickens to use in her cooking as you would not want to waste something so precious, rich in vitamins and iron.

Pigs blood

Jamie Oliver showed us how you can make black pudding. It is actually fairly simple and with natural ingredients.

Jamie Oliver makes black pudding

Jamie Oliver and Dan Doherty make black pudding

Black pudding when it is cooked changes colour from deep red to black. After barbecuing it Jamie Oliver and Dan Doherty prepared it with chorizo and yogurt. It was a real delicacy indeed.

Preparing nibbles with black pudding

Cutting chorizo and black pudding

Jamie Oliver and Dan Doherty

I tried the gluten free version too and a delicious dish with butternut squash, sage and chilly.

Friday Night Feast food

This series of “Friday Night Feast” will be broadcast on Channel 4 at a date yet to be disclosed. I will keep you updated.

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty filming for "Friday Night Feast"

And yes! Looking forward to it!


3 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Friday Night Feast and black pudding

  1. Ricordo di aver mangiato il sanguinaccio quand’ero piccola, quello che una volta da noi si faceva con sangue e cioccolato!
    Deve essere una bella esperienza partecipare alla festa del sanguinaccio, mi incuriosisce molto! Un bacione!


  2. I have eaten black pudding as a child, even sliced in a bread roll – it is tasty, although I haven’t eaten it since. If you can ignore that its main ingredient is pig’s blood you can enjoy a savoury and highly nutritious food. Can’t wait to see you grace our screens – please let us know when 🙂


  3. Hi Alida, looking forward to seeing you on our TV. Do let us know when it’s on. Small world we live in, I grew up in Southend on sea, sometimes go rowing past the pier. Went to learn how to make pasta 4 weeks ago at Jamie Oliver’s cooking school.
    And who know we might get to work together one of these days in our Italian Holiday rental 🙂 Deana


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