Stepping back in time, the fascinating city of Matera

I have always wanted to visit one of the most unique and spectacular cities of Italy: Matera. I finally managed to get there whilst on our trip to Puglia. We flew to Bari (which is 55 Km/34 miles from Matera) and stayed at Polignano a Mare;  Matera is situated in the Basilicata region and about… Continue reading Stepping back in time, the fascinating city of Matera


Spaghetti with spider crab, what a delicacy!

I have always thought that brown crab was delicious.. until I tried spider crab! Almost weekly now, I get a spider crab delivered to my front door, already cooked by my local fishmonger. Spider crab is cheap and very sustainable as there are plenty of them. Their meat is sweeter than brown crab but for… Continue reading Spaghetti with spider crab, what a delicacy!

Pumpkin flatbreads – Piadina alla zucca

Flatbreads with pumpkin with ham and rocket

Autumn is here and with it pumpkin too! Like every year I have been using pumpkin quite a lot in my cooking. Pumpkin risotto will always be my favourite, so creamy and so silky.

Flatbreads are always nice, especially if they are homemade. This time I tried adding a little mashed pumpkin to the flour and it was interesting, I loved their golden colour but also their taste.

Add your own favourite topping: I had mine with Italian prosciutto crudo and rocket (arugola) and of course a little glass of red wine. I felt so much better afterwards.. a little bit of (good!) food always helps, especially if it is healthy too.

This is a tasty and quick snack. Today the children will have a surprise when they come back from school.. a nice “merenda” (snack) is waiting for them.

This recipe makes 4 flatbreads.

If you like pumpkin you must try my mum’s pumpkin cake with raisins, it is fabulous!

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 8 minutes
  • Yield : 4


  • plain flour – 150 g – 1 + ¼ cup + extra if needed
  • cooked pumpkin – 60 g – slightly less than 1/2 cup
  • olive oil – 10 ml – 0.34 fl oz
  • water – 40 ml – 1.35 fl oz + extra if needed
  • salt – pinch


In a bowl using a fork, mash the pumpkin. Add the flour, the salt, the oil and the water. Mix well. Sprinkle some flour on your worktop, then place the mixture on it. Using your hands make a ball.

Flatbreads with pumpkin

You might need to add a little extra flour or water in order to make a smooth ball. If it feels sticky, place it in the fridge wrapped in cling film for 30 minutes. Sprinkle your worktop with flour. Using a rolling pin make 4 flatbreads. Heat up a pan or a griddle pan until it is piping hot.

Cook the flatbreads on both sides until they have a slightly “chargrilled” look.


They should only take a couple of minutes each to cook. 

Now just place your favourite topping on them: cheese, ham, salami..anything your fancy and of course, a nice glass of wine will go perfectly with them.


Flatbreads with pumpkin ham rocket
Flatbreads with pumpkin ham and rocket

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Mamma’s Krapfen recipe. Life is sweet :-)

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Easy Easter cake with ricotta and chocolate

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Chocolate muffins with light ricotta topping

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Italian pork scaloppine with mushrooms

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