Yogurt with lots of fruit for a healthy happy breakfast!

Over the years I have changed the way I have breakfast many times.

As a child I often had polenta with milk and honey or Zuf” polenta porridge (this is because where I used to live I was surrounded by corn fields!). Sometimes of course like many Italian children I would have biscuits dipped in milk (gosh I used to love that!) or whipped egg yolks with sugar served with warm milk (very 1970s!) or bread with butter and jam.

Then as a teenager I moved onto what some industries like to call “cereals” like corn flakes and so on and then I went back to bread with jam and coffee.

Then I had the phase when brioche and cappuccino were my favourite breakfasts ever..I would stop at the bar on my way to secondary school and get myself a freshly made brioche still warm from the oven. The smell and taste of that was divine especially the one with jam in the middle.

These days, a different age and with different tastebuds it is often yogurt with lots of fruit, flaxseeds and a sprinkle of granola although I am not a huge fan of too much granola as it is quite rich and I find it too sweet too.

Yesterday whilst hubby was really busy working I started playing with some fruit.. how lucky that I can do that whilst someone else slaves off in order to put bread on the table, but hey how would I be able to write this blog if I was working full time? My blog would die and I would die with it too!

Look at this, I almost ate all the fruit after creating it.. I could not resist it.

A rainbow of fruit for breakfast

I whizzed some raspberries and added a tsp of honey and made this sauce. My son loved it on top of toasted bread and butter instead of jam.

raspberry sauce

granola and fruit

I poured some on top of my yogurt, added some fruit including some fresh coconut pieces and drizzled everything with honey. Nice!

Oh, I forgot I also added a tbsp of granola for a crunchy bite too.

breakfast with yogurt and fruit

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is what I was brought up with so I often have one first thing in the morning.

Orange juice for breakfast

But where is the coffee?

Here it is of course, where on earth would I be without it.

And you, what’s your favourite breakfast?


14 thoughts on “Yogurt with lots of fruit for a healthy happy breakfast!

  1. Hi Alida,
    I love to hear your stories of when you were home in Italy. Those stories of breakfast goodies are wonderful memories I am sure. I love fruit in the morning, it just seems to be so refreshing and gets your day going. Your arrangement of the berries and the other fruits are just beautiful. Mixed with the yogurt and that raspberry sauce it is so delicious I am sure. I remember my mom would make us French Toast sometimes in the morning before school. It was so creamy and nice and warm. We also would have fresh OJ also in the morning. A lovely memory! Thanks dear friend for sharing your words and your yummy fruit. Happy Mum’s day and enjoy your weekend.. Ciao!
    Hugs and love Dottie 🙂 X


  2. Mmmm, breakfast has to be one of the best meals of the day when you’re on holiday, hard to resist sampling all the choices. As a child I enjoyed porridge or boiled egg with my toast and eventually I stayed with toast and jam washed down with a mug of tea. However for a couple of years now I alternate honey with the jam. What a lovely fruity platter you created! Felice festa della mamma Alida 🙂 xx


    1. Toast and jam is a classic one and always good. I have enjoyed la festa della mamma today. We went on a picnic in the woods, it feels like summer over here.. finally!


  3. Ottima e sana la tua colazione, con l’arrivo dell’estate una buona colazione con yogurt e frutta è l’ideale! Mi piace molto variare a colazione, ma non deve mancare il mio caffè con qualche biscottino! Buon week-end e tanti auguri per la festa della mamma, baci!


    1. Hai ragione senza caffe’ non e’ colazione. Spero che tu abbia passato una bella festa della mamma 🙂


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