Pasta with mussels in tomato sauce – Simple recipe

I just love the flavour of the sea. Pasta with mussels is usually a dish I make at weekends simply because the mussels need to be really fresh and therefore bought on the same day but, as this is an easy dish and of quick preparation, you could certainly make it during the week if… Continue reading Pasta with mussels in tomato sauce – Simple recipe

Seafood risotto to die for!

Whenever I go back to Italy there is one single thing that’s compulsory: have at least one shellfish dinner. There is a little local restaurant we know which is not too pricey and does the fish beautifully. This is where we always go to satisfy our cravings.I love those gigantic prawns, the ones you have… Continue reading Seafood risotto to die for!

Italian seafood feast for celebrations

A shellfish feast at last, that’s what I had over the weekend.  And I needed it. I truly crave for those gorgeous chubby prawns, juicy langoustines, clams and mussels, scallops au gratin…the more the better! In Italy I always visit my favourite little local trattoria which is modest but does fab food.  The owner, Loris… Continue reading Italian seafood feast for celebrations

Mussels Bruschetta with Cherry Tomatoes

I made these bruschetta for a dinner party and they were a great success; they are easy to prepare and of great effect. I like the combination of cherry tomatoes, olive oil, mussels and some good crunchy rustic bread They make a great starter or you can serve them as an aperitiv as they will… Continue reading Mussels Bruschetta with Cherry Tomatoes