Mushroom, Pumpkin Risotto Recipe with crunchy bacon

Changes of season can affect people in different ways. In autumn, after recharging my batteries with plenty of summer sunshine and fresh air I feel like a new person: happier, full of life and more relaxed. It is incredible what vitamin D can do to you. After literally pigging out on peaches, cherries, apricots and… Continue reading Mushroom, Pumpkin Risotto Recipe with crunchy bacon

Crunchy Parmesan nests: great tasty finger food

Whenever I get back from Italy, I drop my heavy luggage near the fridge. Inside there is always almost just food and oh.. a few cookery magazines too! I bring my favourite pasta, salami, artichokes, radicchio, Montasio cheese, San Daniele ham and ALWAYS my beloved, essential Parmesan cheese. At least 3 Kg each time. Years… Continue reading Crunchy Parmesan nests: great tasty finger food

Mushroom pasta with breadcrumbs

How is it these days that if you want to lose weight you are discouraged from eating carbohydrates? To me that’s madness, pure simple madness. I have been on diets before and I lost weight whilst happily eating my daily bowl of pasta. Isn’t it all about quantities?  If you stuff yourself to the brink… Continue reading Mushroom pasta with breadcrumbs

Crunchy vegetable and prawns spring rolls

Spring rolls have always been a popular snack.  They make a great starter and an excellent appetizer. Most people would have had them in Chinese restaurants or supermarkets but how about making your own? I have used some leftover filo pastry I had in the fridge. Of course you can make your own if you… Continue reading Crunchy vegetable and prawns spring rolls

Vegetable Fritters.. so crunchy!

You know the feeling of when, all of a sudden, you feel like having something tasty but you don’t know exactly what to have and you don’t want something too naughty especially after last months binges. So here it is a vegetarian treat. I love the crunchiness of these fritters.  This is ideal as side… Continue reading Vegetable Fritters.. so crunchy!