Pumpkin cheese balls, great as appetizers

Imagine something soft, hot and with a melting cheesy heart in the middle…these are pumpkin balls with cheese, to die for! They look so much like potato croquettes or arancini and they are very inviting little nibbles. If you are planning a Halloween party then these would make a good starter or aperitif. I cannot believe how… Continue reading Pumpkin cheese balls, great as appetizers

Light vegetable croquettes with cheese

I just turned forty and I celebrated with some friends and cousins of mine. It was a very simple party but I really enjoyed it! The cake was really nice: a light sponge with creme patissiere, fresh fruit and delicious cream puffs on top. For my birthday I did not invite anyone for a formal… Continue reading Light vegetable croquettes with cheese

Dinner Party Risotto with Fish Croquettes

How was your weekend? I met some old friends of mine over the last few days and we had a great time together.  So many memories and it feels just the same like 10 years ago. Great friendships last a lifetime Over the weekend, as I was busy entertaining, I made this risotto ring with… Continue reading Dinner Party Risotto with Fish Croquettes