Fried zucchini sticks for appetizer

Are you entartaining over the summer or do you simply fancy something yummy to go with a glass of Prosecco? I had these zucchini sticks at a restaurant recently and I absolutely loved them. They are super simple to make: just slice the zucchini really thinly, sprinkle with salt, coat them with flour and fry!… Continue reading Fried zucchini sticks for appetizer

Zucchini Schiacciata Recipe, quick and delicious

Quick recipes are always my favourites and today I give you this one that’s rapidissima or super quick: “Schiacciata di zucchine” which is like a flat bread with zucchini (courgettes). My version is plain but you can be creative and add whatever you fancy to it like onions, tomatoes or other vegetables and if you… Continue reading Zucchini Schiacciata Recipe, quick and delicious

Spaghetti with Tuna stuffed cherry tomatoes and courgettes

Summer is going so quickly! I want to make the most of all the vegetables I can get hold of! It is so much easier to be creative in the kitchen at this time of year. Today I must share this recipe of spaghetti with stuffed tomatoes. I stuffed them well with tuna and parsley… Continue reading Spaghetti with Tuna stuffed cherry tomatoes and courgettes

How to make scrumptious party canapes

When you say canapes you mean party already! Canapes are those little bites most people love with a glass of bubbly. A glass of wine should always be served with some food as it makes it a more enjoyable experience. You will enjoy the taste of the food better and the wine won’t go straight… Continue reading How to make scrumptious party canapes

Six yummy meals for the September Organic Campaign

As part of the September’s Naturally Different Organic Campaign I have received a second hamper full of fresh organic ingredients. Again these were essential ingredients to cook with, the basics you always need to have in the kitchen. With so many ingredients the basket also had organic lamb mince, passata, peppers and kidney beans. The… Continue reading Six yummy meals for the September Organic Campaign

Prawns and Zucchini (courgettes) Spaghetti

Hello! I am back after a little break! I had not Internet available for a while and it was my sister’s wedding and lots to do so I thought it was a good time for me to take a little holiday.I enjoyed every single minute of the wedding. It was the classic Italian-style wedding with… Continue reading Prawns and Zucchini (courgettes) Spaghetti

Prawn and Courgette Risotto

Prawn and courgettes seem to go very well together. The two flavours combine well, the distinctive taste of seafood is rounded up by the creaminess of the courgettes. If you can find fresh prawns it will make a difference. Previously cooked ones don’t taste of the sea so much. Even if you find small prawns… Continue reading Prawn and Courgette Risotto

Minestrone Soup, mammas Recipe

What could be better than a warm, nutritious, minestrone on a cold winter day? It is healthy and delicious. It is just what my mamma used to make! I can never forget coming back from school and the smell would just be overwhelming. Wow minestrone! I make this on a weekly basis with some Borlotti… Continue reading Minestrone Soup, mammas Recipe