Individual Italian Easter Bread with eggs

A few years ago I baked an Italian Easter Bread with encased eggs. It was a real success and instead of making plain bread I made it more like a sweet brioche consistency with butter and eggs. This time I have made something similar but individual little nests with coloured eggs, very festive and cute!… Continue reading Individual Italian Easter Bread with eggs

Valentine strawberry and cream crepes

I have been indulging on lots of lovely treats recently. Valentine came early in our family. Every year is the same, comes February and the “dieting time” is officially over.. not that I have been dieting much though anyway! Here is one of the last desserts I dived into: these crepes with strawberries and cream… Continue reading Valentine strawberry and cream crepes

Easy soft apple and cream cake recipe

Apple cake today! Yay! Apple cake has always been one of my favourites: it is healthy, always satisfying.. it makes me think of granny. One of those cakes you can dunk in your tea or coffee. Simply the best! I love trying different combinations and variations of apple cakes. This one has fresh cream added… Continue reading Easy soft apple and cream cake recipe