The Marano lagoon, where nature is totally unspoilt

Have you ever visited the Marano lagoon in Friuli Venezia Giulia?

This is a place I love going to every summer when I am in Italy. Marano is a little fishing village near Lignano Sabbiadoro my local beach. You can catch a boat from Lignano to Marano and you will be there in 30 minutes.

Marano has a distinct Venetian style. I usually visit it in August during their fish festival week where you can sit on the benches outside and eat delicious fresh fish whilst a band plays music in the background.

Marano Lagunare fish festival

Marano Lagunare in Friuli

The Marano lagoon is a protected area with a dense network of canals and resurgent rivers which are full of water and partly navigable. This is an untouched natural oasis with a remarkable presence of many migratory birds. You can visit the oasis with specially equipped boats.

Marano Lagoon - Laguna di Marano
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In the Marano Lagoon you will find many ‘casoni’ which are temporary fishermen huts so typical of this part of Italy!

Marano Lagoon in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The place lies in total stillness and visitors are invited to be quiet to avoid scaring birds and wildlife.

You can walk up to the Casoni on wood bridges and inside you can watch the birds thriving in their natural habitat. This is a place of natural beauty!

Watching wildlife in Marano Lagunare

Inside a hut there was a typical traditional house from the area. I must say that my grandmother still has many of those pots and pans! Look at the that large black pot on the stove; it is traditionally used to make polenta.

inside a hut in Marano Lagunare_

The kids really loved the trip. They could spot several frogs and a snake near the water.. that was a bit scary though!

A final shoot as a memory of the day.

Trip a Marano Lagunare


16 thoughts on “The Marano lagoon, where nature is totally unspoilt

  1. This is absolutely great! I love being in out of the way places myself since I was raised in France as a child. There is a great delight in being with the people, having as the French say, ‘housewives cooking”, which is the best kind. Or viewing the sea, and experiencing peoples customs. This would be my kind of vacation. We live in Chicago, but we also have a house in a fishing village on the west coast of Mexico, it’s our paradise. So I really enjoy hearing about this lovely fishing village you wrote about!


    1. If you like peace and relaxation yes this is a good place to visit. Fishing villages have a great charm. Greetings to Chicago. Ciao!


  2. What a beautiful part of Italy. I love unspoilt landscapes and nature. You are so lucky to enjoy all that Alida.


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