The excellence of Italian food: the “Figo Moro” of Caneva

I am really proud to introduce you to a delicacy of my own region: the “Figo Moro”.

Italian fig Figo Moro di Caneva

I am talking about a type of fig which I have recently discovered myself too. Known as “Figo Moro” or black fig, it is grown in Caneva in the province of Pordenone. It weighs about 30-35 grams, it is characterized by a long shape, a tasty flavour, not too sweet and very pleasant indeed. Compared to ordinary figs which will fill you up very quickly, this one won’t. It is lighter and more delicate in comparison.

It has a distinctive thin skin therefore you can eat everything, in fact the skin enriches the flavour too.

Caneva is situated near Sacile, very close to the Veneto region and it is characterized by green hills.

Hystorically this type of fig was well known and widespread in the territory of the Venetian Serenissima Republic where it would always be on the tables of the nobilty. It was in fact considered a delicacy.

Caneva del Friuli

The soil is rich in Calcium Carbonate, iron and potassium and the position of the trees situated on the hills without water stagnations gives the fruit a unique and interesting taste.

Calcium Carbonate Cave in Friuli

I enjoyed taking a walk around the fig trees early in the morning. The fig trees are present a bit everywhere here and they often grow spontaneously on the open meadows.

Caneva, fig trees

Some of the trees looked like bonsai trees as they are over 100 years old! Beautiful.

Fig trees in Caneva del Friuli

They were bursting with figs. Some of them had already been collected. Every day starting from the end of August they are picked.

Fig trees

The figs are then checked, cleaned, packaged by hand (as they are so delicate) and sold usually on the same day. Figs are very delicate and they won’t last longer than a few days. Some of them are frozen at -20 and they become the base for the production of jams, sauces, compotes, liqueurs and ice cream.

Cleaning and packaging figs

The figs are packaged in the morning and they reach the shops the same day!

Italian Figs - Figo Moro da Caneva

I was entrigued by the ice cream. I suspect it must be delicious!

Fig ice cream

Figo Moro di Caneva

The Figo Moro is totally organic this is because it does not need any treatment to grow strong and healthy, it is in fact immune from parasites. So generally speaking even if they are not labelled organic, figs are usually natural and organic anyway.

Figs are turned into different types of compotes: fig with chilly great with meat and cheese, fig with hazelnuts or with chocolate great in desserts. I love the caramelized figs.. which you can add to almost any dish.

I discovered that you can create interesting dishes with figs, beginning with the starter to the dessert. You can even add them to pasta or risotto dishes.

Fig preserves and compotes with Figo Moro da Caneva

Many thanks to the Consortium of “Figo Moro” da Caneva for the interesting visit.


14 thoughts on “The excellence of Italian food: the “Figo Moro” of Caneva

  1. Loved this post Alida. In fact yesterday whilst visiting family I was given some fresh figs, the ones I absolutely adore. They are slightly rounder in shape, green skinned and have a luscious figgy, sweet red flesh. I hadn’t had them in years as I cannot find them here so needless to say I scoffed the lot today! I’m so glad you enjoyed this beautiful figo moro. The fig gelato must be to die for!


    1. Yes figs are just so damn good! And it is hard to stop eating them when you start. I want to try their ice cream next time!


  2. I love figs but I’ve never heard of Figo Moro, I wish I could try them. These fig trees do look like Bonsai trees, very beautiful.


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