Grilled zucchini salad with mozzarella and tomatoes

I prepared this salad in minutes. All you need is a few zucchini, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and good quality olive oil. I chose buffalo mozzarella for its creamy and rich taste but ordinary cow’s one would do too.

Zucchini, eggplant and peppers are one of the easiest vegetables to cook on a barbecue or on a griddle pan. In a few minutes they get such a fantastic taste. Slice the vegetables as thinly as you can, possibly using a mandolin but a sharp knife would be OK too.

Drizzle them with olive oil and if you like sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar on them too. So simple yet so delicious.

I cannot wait for spring to taste the first artichokes, fava beans, asparagus and fresh wild Italian herbs, I am hoping to post more fresh and light recipes soon!

If you like zucchini check out these marinated zucchini with mint garlic and balsamic vinegar which I made some time ago with my friend Rosetta.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes


  • zucchini – 3 medium
  • mozzarella cheese – 2 balls (120 g each)
  • cherry tomatoes – handful
  • watercress or lamb’s ears – a few leaves
  • olive oil
  • salt


With a mandolin slicer or with a knife slice the zucchini into thin slices.

Heat up a griddle pan and when it is very hot grill the zucchini on both sides until they are tender. Put them on a plate, sprinkle them with salt, a generous drizzle of olive oil and mix well. Add a little balsamic vinegar if you wish.

Cut the mozzarella into pieces. Arrange the zucchini on a plate, scatter the mozzarella pieces on top and the halved cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle with watercress and drizzle again with a little olive oil. Serve with rustic bread or breadsticks.


9 thoughts on “Grilled zucchini salad with mozzarella and tomatoes

  1. Alida, thanks for the wake-up call. It’s that time of the year when we have to start eating lighter dishes and this one is perfect to get the ball rolling, yummy.


    1. Thanks Elisabetta. Even though Easter is on its way.. so lots of chocolate too.. as we go towards spring it is nice to have fresh lighter dishes.


  2. It’s definitely getting to that time of year when we all want to eat salad. This looks so delicious Alida – now I just need to work out how to cut nice thin slices.


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