Pizza making party!

My daughter recently celebrated her birthday and we had a pizza making party.

I love these sorts of parties where children can learn a useful skill and have fun at the same time. I have done a similar party myself at home before but on this occasion we went to a local pizzeria and had the party there.. so all I needed to do was sit down and sip my cup of coffee!

When we arrived the pizza dough was waiting for us neatly arranged on a long marble table.

dough on the table

After a brief intro on how to prepare pizza dough, by mixing flour, water, salt and yeast, we were ready to learn how to be a master pizzaiolo.

dough on the table

We could see lots of little hands having fun shaping the soft dough!

shaping dough

It was a joy to see how interested the children were and how much they enjoyed it. They really took it very seriously.

making pizza dough

Making pizza is great! Just like playdough!

shaping dough

rolling pizza dough

After shaping the dough it was fun spreading the tomato sauce on our pizzas.

spreading tomato sauce

…very carefully!

spreading tomato sauce

And probably the most fun of it all was putting our fancy topping on.. and eating half of it at the same time!

pizza topping

Twenty minutes later… it smelled delicious.. our pizzas were ready!

eating pizza

Mmm… yummy! Pizza is the best meal in the world! 🙂

eating pizza


6 thoughts on “Pizza making party!

  1. What a fabulous idea for a birthday party, learning how to create a pizza and having a jolly good time, these should be compulsory!!! 🙂 I wish I’d had birthday parties like these at their age!


  2. What a fabulous birthday party. You learn how to create a pizza and you have a jolly good time too. Wish I’d had pizza-making parties at their age! 🙂


    1. I never did either as a child! Mamma would make a cake and that was it! These days children parties are so much more sophisticated.


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