Easy soft apple and cream cake recipe

Apple cake today! Yay!

Apple cake has always been one of my favourites: it is healthy, always satisfying.. it makes me think of granny. One of those cakes you can dunk in your tea or coffee. Simply the best!

I love trying different combinations and variations of apple cakes. This one has fresh cream added to it and orange zest but it is not too rich as it has no oil or butter.

It is soft, delicate and really yummy. The combination of apples and cream goes beautifully together and a touch of orange zest and cinnamon will give it a lift making it more interesting. You can serve it with a little jam or whipped cream if you wish.

  • Prep Time : 25 minutes
  • Cook Time : 40 minutes


  • apples – 3
  • self raising flour – 270 g – 2 + 3/4 cup
  • eggs – 3
  • sugar – 150 g – 2/3 cup
  • fresh cream – 200 ml – 7 fluid oz
  • orange zest
  • lemon juice – of 1 lemon
  • cinnamon or ground spice mix – 1 tsp
  • brown sugar – for sprinkling


Peel and slice the apples into thin slices and squeeze over them the lemon juice; mix well.

Whip the eggs with the sugar until pale and creamy

Add the cream, the cinnamon and the orange zest.

Sift the flour onto the mixture, mix well and pour it onto a well greased round baking tin measuring approx 22 cm or 8 inch. Lay the apples on top and sprinkle with brown sugar.

Cook at 180C or 350F for 35 to 40 minutes. Check with a toothpick, if the cake still appears wet inside leave it in for a further 8 to 10 minutes.

This cake needs to be served with a good cup of tea or coffee.


489 thoughts on “Easy soft apple and cream cake recipe

  1. My favourite hot drink is fennel tea. Thank you, the cups are delightful – and I’ll be making that apple cake too!


  2. As I’m trying to lose weight my new best friend is green tea at the moment but I am partial to a nice freshly brewed coffee x


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