Gluten Free Ravioli making event

What’s this fuss about gluten free these days?

I was never particularly interested in the subject until recently when for a specific reason I had to cut out gluten myself.  Not easy for an Italian, how could you possibly survive without your daily bowl of pasta?

After suffering from a common gut infection I was advised, among many other foods to temporarily remove gluten from my diet. The diet succeeded but it wasn’t easy. The main problem was the lack of decent gluten free products on the market and with this I mean nice bread and all the types of pasta I love.

All of a sudden I felt for people who are allergic to gluten and are forced to remove it from their diet for good. I also realized that the majority of gluten free products on the market lack in taste and frankly can be on the boring side. Also there are often too many E numbers and strange ingredients added.

An invitation to attend a gluten free ravioli class hosted by Coori came at the right time. Coori is a new Italian family run business founded by Julia who is a gluten intolerant herself. They focus on artisan free from foods with many Italian products like pizza mix, tortellini, ravioli, pesto, cannoli, different types of biscuits and many other products all gluten free and often dairy free too.

The evening kicked off with a wide selection of beautifully made gluten free appetizers and Prosecco. I particularly enjoyed the humous made out of lentils, how clever!

nibbles for aperitives

The kitchen was really cute and cosy and gave you that nice feeling of being in your own home.

The Kitchen

The tables were all set for pasta making with flour, eggs, olive oil and salt, rolling pins already set in stations. The flour was a Coori pasta mix made out of corn starch, rice flour and potato starch.

ready to make ravioli

We made a well with the flour and added 3 eggs and incorporated it slowly to the flour with the olive oil and water.


I enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the evening

making ravioli

Julia and Claudia

Very quickly we made a smooth dough, we then let it rest for 20 minutes and rolled it with a rolling pin

rolling dough

With a glass we cut lots of round shapes

cutting dough

And we put the filling in the middle, sealed it well and our gluten free ravioli were born!

freshly made gluten free ravioli

Goodness me they tasted fantastic! I had mine with soya butter and with a vegan filling. The flavour of the pasta was very pleasant, soft and delicate.

freshly made ravioli with vegan filling

Oh and they went well with gluten free beer; if nobody told me I would have never guessed this was gluten free.

gluten free beer

The dessert was a fantastic gluten free dish of profiteroles

gluten free profiteroles

And goodness me.. gluten free panettone too! I have never seen this before in the UK.

panettone gluten free

It was good to know that you can have gluten free food that tastes great!


10 thoughts on “Gluten Free Ravioli making event

    1. Oh such a shame but I am sure there will be more events like this one though. Gluten free is so popular!


  1. What a great post Alida, what a nice Italian family run business servicing this niche market of Gluten free Italian foods. I have been spending so much time trying to buy organic, and non GMO foods and had just started to read about this gluten free eating, so your post came at a perfect time. I just love your photos, simple instructions and your easy friendly posts, your passion for great Italian foods is so wonderful! Thank you for your great blog,”My Little Italian Kitchen,” and it’s simple Healthy step by step recipes!


    1. Many thanks Michael and I am pleased you like the recipes; this encorauges me to make more and more! 🙂


  2. Unfortunately I don’t have the exact recipes for these ravioli as they were made with a prepared gluten free flour mix. I am currently working on a gluten free pasta recipe myself which I am hoping to post soon.


  3. Ci sono molte persone intolleranti al glutine, in famiglia ho mio genero che lo è! Meno male che ci sono molti prodotti senza glutine molto buoni! Complimenti per le foto! Un abbraccio!


  4. I recognise the kitchen! I was there on a pasta course with Gennaro Contaldo a couple of days ago. I could move in there right now. It is spacious, full of character and ingredients I love! I would have loved a ‘free rom’ cooking course (although my little one can’t have eggs, so I might have been disappointed anyway).


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