Blueberry Ricotta Cheesecake – gluten free

This cake which is made entirely with cooked ricotta cheese enriched with eggs and perfumed with lemon, vanilla and topped with blueberries is and interesting version of  panna cotta in fact I would call it “ricotta”cotta, which is exactly what it is!

It has no biscuit base and as it is really dense and filling it is ideally served with biscuits like shortbreads (or gluten free biscuits if you are gluten intolerant). You could also cook it in small ramekin dishes instead of using a single dish.

This is a good dessert to prepare in 15 minutes and of a guaranteed success!

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 45 minutes


  • ricotta cheese – 500 g – 2 cups
  • lemon unwaxed or organic – 1
  • vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  • eggs – 3
  • olive oil – 2 tbsp
  • sugar – 100 g – 1/2 cup
  • blueberries – a couple of handfuls


In a bowl mix the ricotta with the lemon zest, the olive oil, the vanilla essence and 4 tbsp of sugar. Mix well then add the lemon juice and stir. Whip the eggs with the remaining sugar and add them to the ricotta.

Mix well.

Pour the mixture onto a well greased baking tray which could be round (about 22 cm /9 inch diameter) or a small baking tray rectangular shape.

Level the mixture well.

Place the washed blueberries on top and cook at 180C/ 350F for 45 minutes until golden on top.

You can serve it with shortbread biscuits. So rich and so delicious!


41 thoughts on “Blueberry Ricotta Cheesecake – gluten free

  1. Hi Alida,
    I do hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. This recipe is looking excellent. I love blueberries and ricotta, so how great to combine them together. It is different than a regular cheesecake with no crust, I like that idea. Your dish looks so yummy, but I like the idea of putting them in small ramekin dishes instead of using a single dish. Simple and delicious, what is better than that…Thank you for sharing dear friend….
    Dottie 🙂 x


  2. Just made it this morning with strawberries on top
    My retirement ladies loved it and want the recipe


  3. I love cheesecake but I’ve never thought of making it without the base. Such a handy, tasty and pretty recipe!


  4. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Made this morning using Splenda and it came out perfect. I topped with a little cool whip.


  5. I just made it but mine turned out thinner (I used a 9X9 square pan) and not as creamy looking. Mine was still granular like the ricotta. What could I have done wrong?


    1. Did you use eggs that just came out of the fridge? If the eggs are cold (especially egg white) they do not whip very well and as a result of that they do not incorporate enough air. This will make a heavier and less fluffy consistency.
      You can also try whipping the egg white first with a pinch of salt and then the yolk (in separate bowls).
      Also if there is some whey in the ricotta you could drain that.


  6. Happy to have found your blog! My first try is the GF recipe for Blueberry ricotta – cotta, and mine turned out thin as well. Eggs were at room temperature, not much whey in Ricotta. Its in the oven for a dinner party so I will keep my fingers crossed.

    Also, recipe does not state how many served, should I assume 8 pieces?

    Looking through your recipes I see that you are a creative and inventive cook and baker, such a refreshing find in the thicket of predictable cooking blogs. Like this so much I am about to recommend you to an Italian friend who is a very discerning cook.


    1. Hi Loretta,
      I hope you enjoy the cake! This serves 6 but.. generous sizes though (I am Italian and we are always generous with our portions 🙂 )

      Many thanks for your lovely comment, I am pleased you enjoy the blog. Ciao!


    1. Hi Vanessa,
      You can make this with cherries (best to remove the stones first), apricots and if you like apples too.
      You can make the classic cheesecake base with crushed biscuits (like digestives) and melted butter and cook it like you would do for a normal cheese cake.
      You can subscribe to my mailing list on the top left hand-side of the blog where it says “subscribe”.


    2. Thank you just subscribed.
      I’ve only made raw cheese cake that’s why I asked how to bake it with a base.


  7. I made the cheesecake today and it’s delicious. I did not have a fresh lemon, but had lemon juice. And I used zest from a mandarin. It looked so good I did not even wait for it to cool down. I ate it while it was still warm and the flavor from mandarin zest came through wonderfully. They only thing I will do next time is less sugar. I tried it when I was mixing it and it tasted fine, but once cooked it tasted too sweet for me.


    1. I can only image the flavour of this cheesecake with mandarin zest. An excellent choice and the less sugar the better. I am pleased you enjoyed it.


  8. I tried this today. Although it tasted pretty good, it basically looked like curdled eggs, no silkiness at all. There was liquid in the bottom of the pan when I cut into it. I am thinking that the type of ricotta cheese being used needs to be clarified for both fat content and thickness and perhaps the amount of lemon juice clarified further. In order for this to work I think the batter needs to be a little stiff not runny.


    1. Combining dairy, eggs and citrus can sometimes make the mixture curdle. Try bringing all the ingredients at room temperature before mixing them together and whip the egg whites separately to add more volume to your mixture. The ricotta sold in tabs at supermarkets is usually quite smooth and good for baking. You can also try mixing the citrus with some of the sugar first and then add it into the rest of the recipe this should help too.


  9. Beautiful! Thank you for a beautiful post and a great idea. I’ve been making ricotta cheesecakes without the crust for a long time now. Usually with lemon or blood orange. I don’t have blueberries at home right now but I have a lot of frozen sour cherries, blackberries, and sweet cherries. I wonder if I should try one of them. And just as I thought I have every baking pan in my kitchen, I see I am missing one like yours…


    1. Thanks Adriana, any berries would do for this cake. That baking pan was given to me as a present by my mother in law. It is my favourite one. I like oven to table bakeware, quite practical. Ciao!


  10. Brilliant recipe! I used about half the amount of sugar and a bit extra lemon. Served with plain Greek yoghurt. A big hit. Thank you.d


  11. My ricotta blueberry cheesecake is baking right now. I had made some blueberry sauce that turned out really think so I will be spreading it on top of the cheesecake once cooked. It looks really good so far. I love ricotta and will be serving it to my cardplaying ladies tomorrow afternoon. Will keep you posted. I know I will love it already!!!


  12. I love this recipe! The texture is so creamy, almost like panna cotta. I baked this in an aluminum foil cake pan, and the cake did seem a little too moist on the bottom – would cooking it a few minutes longer help?


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