Chicken Skewers coated with polenta flour: great party food!

Many people seem to think it is Christmas already! I suppose it is good to get organized in time. Apparently every year “Christmas time” seems to start earlier and earlier. As soon as August is over the shops already stock up Christmas goodies so by the time Christmas comes you can take no more!

I am not sure but maybe playing down on those presents between adults which are often not needed or wanted can be a good idea. What do you think? Are you a big Christmas person? Do you buy large gifts?

To me sharing a meal with your loved ones is the best Christmas present I could ever get. That’s what really enriches you, lifts your mood and makes you understand what’s important in life.

Today I am sharing these tasty chicken skewers recipe with a yogurt dip which will be perfect for entertaining; very handy for the party season to come!

  • Prep Time : 40 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes


  • chicken breasts – 3
  • polenta flour – to coat
  • flour – to coat
  • eggs – 2
  • curry powder – 1 tsp
  • cumin – 1 tsp
  • salt
  • full fat natural yogurt – 6 tbsp
  • chopped parsley – 2 tsp
  • wooden skewers – as needed
  • oil for frying – 1 Liter


Slice the chicken breasts into thin slices.

Thread the chicken pieces onto wooden skewers just like lolly pops.

Place flour, eggs and polenta flour onto 3 separate plates. Whisk the eggs with a tsp of curry powder and a pinch of salt.

Dip the skewers into the flour, whipped eggs and polenta flour shaking off the excess each time.

Heat up a deep pan with the oil and when it is very hot dip the skewers and fry for 1 or 2 minutes until the chicken looks nice and golden; as you will need to hold the skewers with your fingers make sure you don’t burn yourself! You could use an oven glove. Put them on a plate with kitchen paper to soak the excess oil.

Make the dip by mixing the yogurt, a pinch of salt, the cumin and the parsley.

Serve warm accompanying with the dip.


13 thoughts on “Chicken Skewers coated with polenta flour: great party food!

  1. Dear Alida,
    I like this recipe a lot. It is easy and looks so very tasty. I love the way you presented them and the dip sounds amazing, perfect for an appetizer. I totally agree with you dear friend, being together with the family at any time, is the best gift one can receive. I am a Christmas person from the word go, but years ago my family decided that small gifts are just as good. Remember that saying “it is the thought that counts” I would be happy with a chocolate bar as long as I could be with my family and share the food at the table with them. When the children were young, it was different, now the youngest of my nephews is 15, no more little kids they love gift cards and money. We do not exchange gifts with the adults, except my mom and dad. It is really for my nieces (2) and nephews (2)….Then I do exchange with my son. So it has become a more peaceful and fun Christmas. We always play a board game on the Christmas Eve after dinner, then we do dessert before going to Midnight Mass. As you remember my dad sings in the choir…. So as you see I would rather spend the money on good quality foods that we all love and being together. Thanks Alida for this wonderful recipe and for bringing it home with thoughts of family and food. Enjoy your weekend….
    Dottie 🙂


    1. I think we are very similar Dottie. I do love buying gifts for children, they enjoy them so much and I do too when I see that they are so happy!


  2. Hi Alida:)
    I just sent my daughter money to do Christmas shopping for my grandchildren but honestly, the best present would be for all of them to be at the Christmas dinner table. Maybe next year:) (Someone should tell grown children they are not “allowed” to move too far away:)

    I’ve never coated chicken with polenta. What an interesting idea. They sure look appetizing. I should try it someday.

    Thanks for sharing, Alida…


  3. Chicken skewers make great party food, I agree! always the sort of thing to munch chatting late in the evening after the Xmas dinner has gone down…… Christmas is way too commercial these days and with far too much emphasis on spending too much money. Not surprising there is so much debt around….. Much better to use the long holiday to catch up with friends and family!


  4. Alida! NATALE! ohhhhh….well….in my family, we do a secret santa and secret sis exhcange. It is very fun and keeps things under control. We use Elfster to choose names, so it is easy and again – – – kinda fun!

    Over at my marito’s house, we keep things simple (in the gift department). In the food and drink department? There is nothing simple about that! He has 9 aunts and uncles on one side of the family and 3 on the other. So, there are lots of zii, lots of cugini and lots to celebrate! It is nuts over there! Every Natale I feel like I am the American husband character in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Seriously – – it is exactly like that. His family is very fun and entertaining and FOR SURE the epitome of how Americans think Italian families are!

    Anyway….loved your recipe as always! 🙂


    1. How funny when you say “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”! I can see you there surrounded by all your family enjoying il Natale. Beautiful!


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