Mushroom Pizza thin and crispy

So how do you like your pizza? Thick and tall or thin and crispy? With a rich topping or with less of it? Lots of crust or just a very thin base?

You could not be more creative with pizza as it is so versatile, you can make it to your liking and load it with your favourite topping.

Pizza making is a weekly appointment for me. My family expects it now but I love it too. I prepare the dough in the morning and I leave it to rest for the whole day so by dinner time we can enjoy a well risen and fragrant pizza.

I must say that it has taken me years to learn how to make a decent pizza. My first pizzas were hard and just not the right consistency and I used to overload it with mozzarella; the base was so hard you had to be careful not to break a tooth when chewing it and they were too heavy too with all that cheese on top.

Over the years I learned to keep my dough “wet” in order to have a base that’s soft inside and crispy on the outside. I have also learned, in order to get a nice crust, not to roll to the edge of the dough (known in Italian as “cornicione”). That’s because you don’t want to push all the air out of the edges. This will allow for a more softer and fluffy crust typical of the Neapolitan pizza.

And like with most things in life, less is more. So don’t overload your pizza. Especially mozzarella which is rich and heavy. You want to see those little red dots of tomato sauce in between the topping.

Also never underestimate the pan you are cooking your pizza in. Depending on the pan you use you get a different type of pizza. Choosing the right pizza pan makes a substantial difference. I use perforated pans which seem to give a crispy base or stone base ones are pretty good too.

So here we go. I made a pizza with some fresh mushrooms which are just in season now and  I added some cherry tomatoes and a handful of rocket for a healthy and perfumed pizza.

Prep Time : 40 min + proving time

Cook Time : 20 minutes


  • pizza dough
  • fresh mixed mushrooms – 300 g
  • tomato sauce – 200 ml
  • mozzarella – 4 balls (about 120 g each)
  • olive oil
  • cherry tomatoes – 20
  • oregano
  • rocket leaves – two handsful


Make the dough, you can follow my recipe.
Let it rest for a couple of hours covered by a cling film.

Cut the dough into 4 pieces of equal size then fold them inside out. This will help making balls.

Roll the dough with the top palm of your hands and make small circles so you will make perfectly round balls

Treat the dough like if it was a blanket, pull it to make your pizza base (without using a rolling pin if possible!).

Lay it on a well greased pan. Push the dough gently towards the edges without pressing them.

And your dough is on the tray. Now let it rest in a warm place covered by a blanket for at last a couple of hours or even longer. The longer the better.

Spread the tomato sauce on it

Add the chopped mozzarella, the mushrooms, the halved cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of oregano. Cook in a hot oven at 200C for about 20 minutes. The crust needs to look golden and crispy then you will know your pizza is ready.

And you will also know it is ready by the fabulous smell your kitchen will be filled with!

Here is your pizza, thin and crispy just like in a pizzeria! Sprinkle some rocket on top. A final drizzle of olive oil will be the last magic touch.


8 thoughts on “Mushroom Pizza thin and crispy

  1. Dear Alida,
    Delizioso! Love pizza and I love your recipe. I have learned some tips from you and that is the best. I never let the dough rest on the pan once I push it on the pan. I will have to remember that for next time. I also have a cast iron pan, but I like the one you are showing us, as it is coated so it is easy to come off and not stick for fast cleanups. Love your photos and your pizza looks awesome. I like the idea of the fresh mushrooms in season and the rockets on top sprinkled. Your crust looks soft, but not gummy and not hard as a rock. I like a softer pizza dough, as you can taste the flavors better in your mouth..Delightful…Thanks for sharing your recipe…Have a wonderful weekend with your family…
    Dottie 🙂


  2. Hi Alida!
    I am not normally a huge fan of pizza. I know, lol, it sounds rather odd considering how many people love pizza, lol…

    If I do enjoy pizza it is the Sicilian type I think it is because I prefer the dough in Sicilian Pizza but, I haven’t hd it in a very long time. Less is definitely better when it comes to making any kind of pizza in my book:)

    Your pizza looks lovely and it sounds like that pan just may be a keeper. I have a Dutch Oven from Le Creuset that I absolutely love. Yes, it is quite heavy but I don’t think it would do as wonderfully in the kitchen if it were not.

    Thank you so much for sharing, Alida…I’m sure your family enjoyed that Pizza a lot!!!


    1. Oh yes we do love our pizza. We have it every week. I must say this pan was excellent and I will use it every time I make pizza again.


  3. Wow looks utterly fabulous! So vibrant, fresh and tasty, reminds me of the pizzas I ate when I lived in Rome-authentic! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays


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