Michael Caines’s fish and chips for Uniform Foodies

We all had times in our lives when we achieved something we really really wanted. This can fill us with a feeling of euphoria and joy. And we ALL need this from time to time!

A humble blogger like me cooking with a top chef like Michael Caines has given me enough adrenalin to keep me going for months now 🙂

Uniform Foodies is a partnership between Michael Caines and the top UK’s dating site for uniformed singles: Uniformdating.com.

A national survey commissioned by UniformDating.com, found that Indian curries, fish and chips and soups were universally loved by our uniformed professionals, whereas the British classics of gammon and chips and a full English breakfast were less popular with not a single vote!

According to the survey these were the favourite dishes for each uniformed profession:

Nurses: Salad

Police Officer: Fish and Chips

Armed Forces: An Indian Curry

Doctor: Fish and Chips

Fire Fighter: An Indian Curry

How interesting that only nurses like a salad for lunch!

My winning recipe has been uploaded onto the App together with many delicious recipes from fellow bloggers who entered the competition.

You will find many of Michael Caines’s tasty recipes on the App and in the next few weeks I will have fun in my kitchen cooking some of his recipes. Yesterday I made fish and chips which my husband and children went mad with. I have to be honest here: I rarely buy fish and chips from a chippy as it sits on my stomach for hours and I find it far too greasy.

So why is it that if you make fish and chips at home it is much lighter?  The quality of the oil plays a big part. In fish shops the oil is low quality and has been re-used many times, the freshness of the fish is also very important.

Michael made fish and chips in beer batter and tartare sauce.

I have substituted the beer batter for a lighter tempura batter made with egg, flour and fizzy water, as I think it might be lighter for someone working on a shift. When working you need to concentrate and function well so the lighter and the more nutritious the food is the better.

Making fish and chips

I have triple cooked the chips like Michael did and although it is an extra step in the preparation of homemade chips, this is certainly worth it: you will be able to get chips that are crunchy outside and soft inside. To die for!

hand cutting chips

frying chips

My chips.. ready! Let’s dive in!

Homemade chips

And here you are: triple cooked chips with haddock coated in lighter tempura batter and tartare sauce. TASTY!!

Homemade fish and chips - Michael Caines Recipe


6 thoughts on “Michael Caines’s fish and chips for Uniform Foodies

  1. Dear Alida,
    Clearly, I can see that you are at the same level as Chef Michael Caines. What a fabulous, interesting post this is. Who would have thought about this info on a survey of what uniformed people would eat. My sister-in-law is a nurse and she is always eating salads, (nothing wrong with salads) but I laughed when I read that on this post. I love your recipe for triple cooked chips with haddock. Who doesn’t love this dish? Those fries look amazing, I just want to reach into the computer and have a few. Love that you substituted the beer batter with a light tempura. Looks very crispy and delightfully tasty. Wonderful Job! Have a great week, Alida….
    Dottie 🙂


    1. Oh yes the fries were just so good. To be honest it was the first time I parboiled them before frying them. I must say it makes a big difference. Thank you Dottie for your always lovely comments!


  2. Che piatto invitante Alida, pesce e patatine fritte sono di una bontà unica, bravissima! Un abbraccio!


  3. We love fish and chips, but struggle to find ones we can buy now as rarely do fish and chip shops do gluten free. Although I have to agree Alida, they sit on my stomach for ages too as they are so greasy. These home made ones look so delicious, it is making me think I should get out the frying pan and have a go! My mother ALWAYS parboiled the potatoes before frying and triple cooked them and definitely made the nicest chips!


    1. Imagine I just learned this recently! I never knew I should parboil and triple cook before. This is to show you there are always new things to learn. We never stop learning and the English certainly know a thing or two about potatoes and how to make the perfect chips!


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