Melon and Watermelon light dessert

With so much fruit available at this time of year let’s make the most of it!

You can be quite creative and make gorgeous desserts: from colourful fruit tarts, to delicious crumbles to ice creams and more.

Today, inspired by an Italian magazine I made this melon and watermelon dessert. A little liquor will give a kick to it but of course, needless to say, just leave it out if you are serving it to children.

You can use a melon baller to make pretty balls or if you don’t have one just cut the fruit into cubes. It will look good anyway.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes


  • Melon and watermelon
  • unsalted pistachios – 20
  • desiccated coconut flakes – 1 tbsp
  • vodka – 3 tbsp
  • orange – 1
  • lemon – 1


Cut the fruit and remove the seeds. Scoop the melon and the watermelon making little balls. Put the balls in a bowl

Squeeze the juice of an orange and a lemon and add 3 tbsp of liquor of your choice

Chop some of the pistachios with a knife. Leave a few whole for decoration and put the fruit into two small glasses, sprinkle some coconut flakes and the chopped pistachios over them. Then put the whole pistachios over the fruit too.

Serve chilled!


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