Viennese Raisins Cake: simple and elegant

This  classic raisins cake reminds me of my staying in Vienna a few years ago. There, as you walk through the main roads, you can see fabulous cakes on display in coffee shops windows. Some cafe’s are really old and have lots of character and it makes having a coffee there even more special.

This cake should actually have a hole in the middle, then it will be properly called gugelhupf.

It has different variations to the recipe. You can add cocoa, almonds or many other ingredients depending on taste. I made it simple as this is the way we like it at home.

Because of its simplicity, uncomplicated and fast preparation, this is a much-loved cake.  It keeps well for a few days wrapped in cling film and it is best enjoyed with a cup of tea, which by the way, must be English
Leave the butter out of the fridge for 30 min so it will soften a bit. Then put it in a bowl and stir it in with the sugar, vanilla, eggs, lemon zest and salt until the consistency will be creamy.Prep Time :
20 minutes

Cook Time : 60 minutes


  • self-raising flour – 500 g
  • butter – 200 g
  • sugar – 200 g
  • eggs – 4
  • milk – 10-15 tbsp
  • raisins – 300 g
  • salt – a pinch
  • zest of lemon – 1
  • vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  • rum – a drop
  • icing sugar


Leave the butter out of the fridge for 30 min so it will soften a bit. Then put it in a bowl and stir it in with the sugar, vanilla, eggs, lemon zest and salt until the consistency will be creamy.

Add the flour, the rum and the milk and mix all the ingredients well. Add enough milk so that the pastry will drop heavily from the spoon (don’t make it too runny).

Add the raisins and stir well.

Put it in a round baking tray.

Cook in the lowest rack of the oven for about 1 hr at 170 C.

When the cake has cooled down, dust it with some icing sugar.



21 thoughts on “Viennese Raisins Cake: simple and elegant

  1. What a beautifully simple but wonderfully moist and delicious cake with lemon and raisins!


      1. It was a great place to visit. I did this secret hotels thing online and you get a 5 star hotel for a really reasonable price. I ended up in the Hilton, right next to the main square and hired a bike everyday and it was fabulous fun! Lots of cake 🙂


  2. Una torta davvero molto chic e con un sapore davvero buono!!!! Mi viene voglia di mangiarne subito una fetta!!


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