Chocolate and Pistachios cake

Recently whilst on a visit to Italy I had the most gorgeous pistachio ice-cream ever: so creamy and delicate, it seems like the perfect ice cream flavour to me.

So when I went back home to the UK and I was asked to make a birthday chocolate cake I thought pistachios and white chocolate would make a good match. And indeed this cake turned out a very interesting one. Pistachios seems to combine well especially with white chocolate.

I have added a little dark chocolate for the topping but you can just use white chocolate if you prefer.

  • Prep Time : 1 hour minutes
  • Cook Time : 60 minutes


  • butter – 150 g
  • sugar – 150 g
  • eggs – 4
  • salt – a pinch
  • vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  • white chocolate – 150 g
  • unsalted pistachios – 100 g
  • self raising flour – 300 g
  • milk – 4 tbsp
  • For the topping:
  • white chocolate – 100 g
  • dark chocolate – 50 g (optional)
  • fresh cream – 150 ml
  • crushed pistachios – 50 g


In  a bowl work the butter to a creamy consistency then add the sugar, vanilla, egg yolks and salt.
Put the white chocolate in a bowl on top of a pan with simmering water until it melts. Then add the flour and the crushed pistachios. Stir it all well in. Add a little milk if you find that the mixture is on a dry side.

Beat the egg whites to a very firm consistency then incorporate them gently to the mixture.

Cook for 60 minutes in the lower rack of a pre-heated oven at 160 C.

Whilst the cake is cooking make the topping by melting the white and dark chocolate on a very low source of heat with 70 ml of cream.

Take the cake out of the oven and test it with a toothpick to check if it is cooked. Spread the chocolate all over the cake and sprinkle the pistachios on top and all around the edges.

Beat the remaining cream with an electric whizzer and with a syringe decorate the cake.



33 thoughts on “Chocolate and Pistachios cake

  1. Wow, what a combination, Alida! This sounds fantastic and you're so brave to concoct a cake like this for someone's birthday… I would have been digging through trusted recipes trying to find something reliable. I'm so glad you shared and I'm sure everyone enjoyed…


  2. This cake looks awesome Alida….I am a big fan of nuts….love all kinds….bookmarking this recipe 🙂


  3. I didn't know that white chocolate and pistachios go so well together. That's what I love about blogging: you can learn every day something new. Complimenti per la torta!


  4. Oh. My. This looks wonderful, since I adore pistachios. I always have the most brilliant pistachio gelato when I go to Italy.


  5. Wow! This cake is magnificent! And you're posting the recipe just when I left home and won't be able to cook or bake for ages now 😦 I guess I'm just going to be happy with drooling over this picture :)xoxo


  6. What an absolutely GORGEOUS looking treat Alida! I have no doubt it tastes just as good as it looks 🙂


  7. I was so happy to find your blog through Unikorna!!! I have just started cooking some Italian dishes, so I look forward to reading and hopefully making some of your recipes!!! Congrats on the award!!!Best,Suzanne


  8. Hi Alida,So sorry for not being regular for past couple of weeks. I m havng problems with my net connections here and it has kinda slowed me down :D.Lovely recipe dear! amazing combination of pistachios and white chocolate. Bookmarking this one :D.xoxoAnuja


  9. This cake looks so delicious! Gorgeous chocolate, pistachios and a lovely fluffy crumb! Perfect! BTW Love you photo's of Rome! I'm going to be there in October and your photos just are perfect to help me get in the vibe!


  10. Chocolate and pistachios – what a great match. I'm sure it made the perfect birthday cake.


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