Garlic Bruschetta

I never forgot eating the best bruschetta I can remember. I was with my working colleagues in the Abruzzo region and we stopped for lunch at a local “trattoria” where workers eat their lunch on a daily basis. As an appetizer we ordered some bruschettas. It was simple bread with a generous sprinkle of the best olive oil  I can remember having. Goodness me, I was in heaven! Food can be so powerful to your senses.

In Abruzzo they cultivate the olives so it is one of the many places in Italy where you can get hold of a decent (sorry.. superb!) bruschetta.

On Easter Monday I went to a barbecue and my roman friend made this classic garlic bruschetta which is so straightforward and made with very little ingredients but very nice! You need to like garlic to enjoy this though. The flavour is quite intense! You can add your own topping if you like. Anything like cherry tomatoes and basil, aubergines, mushrooms.. and make sure you sprinkle plenty of olive oil on it!

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes


  • rustic bread
  • good quality olive oil
  • garlic clove – 1


Step 1: slice and toast some bread

Step 2 : rub a clove of garlic on it

Step 2: pour a generous drop of olive oil

That’s all!


14 thoughts on “Garlic Bruschetta

  1. Congratulations on all the awards! This bruschetta is the same my grandmother use to make, sweet memories… Simple way is the best way!


  2. Congrats on your well deserved awards! I love bruschetta and make it often I make a whole meal out of it… the whole family could eat just bread and olive oil with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella omg! have a great week… love the toasty bread photo!


  3. Yes, the power of food. A good bruschetta is not easy to find yet the idea is so simple. It all stand or falls with the quality of the olive oil and, if using, the tomatoes.


  4. Dear Alida, Congratulations!! You have a lovely and delicious blog and these are well deserved. I enjoy this recipe very much. I do love the flavor of garlic and good olive oil.Blessings my dear, Catherine xo


  5. I'm behind in my reading but I love bruschetta of any kind but garlic is always a must for me 😉 I've never had it quite this simple before (unless garlic bread counts?) but I love the idea and will have to give it a try. Maybe with a little parmesan cheese grated over top 😉 Congrats on the awards – you deserve them & glad I could pass one to you…


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